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Energie: Oil spill freezer - fight against oil spills with the cold?

Copyright by Michael Bockhorst Freitag, 18. Juni 2010
Proposal for an apparatus to stop oil spills in the deep sea by freezing the crude oil mixture.

Why not freeze the oil spilling out into the gulf of mexico by the use of cryogenic liquids (liquid helium or liquid nitrogen) or peltier elements? To freeze all the compounds in a crude oil you need deep temperatures largely below 0 degree celsius. But it might be sufficient to freeze some components to decrease the flow of crude oil.

Starting from the defective tubes wall frozen components of the crude oil reduces the cross section for the flow until it stops.

To enhance the effect it might be necessary to put water into the pipeline/tube. That water freezes below 0 degree celsius and might enhance the effect to create a barrier for the oil. Only a small hole is needed to feed the water into the pipeline/tube. Therefore the risk of an additional oil spill is reduced.

The following image shows the apparatus proposed by the author to the Deepwater Horizon Response web page:

Oil Spill Freezer / Deepwater Horizon

Another idea is to feed liquid helium or liquid nitrogen into the pipeline/tube to create a barrier. feeding the cold liquid should be possible through a small hole (several millimeters/a few centimeters).

The URL Alternative Technology Response Form at the website of the Deepwater Horizon Response team allows to send proposals for alternative methods to stop the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. The above proposal has been sent to that web form too on June 3., 2010.

TO THE READER: If you are interested in discussion please contact the author via email.

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