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Fotografie: Micro photographie with old lenses on a modern DSLR?

Copyright by Michael Bockhorst 17 05 09 - 18:42

Found an old lens of ancient manual camera times? You asked yourself: Is that ole lens sharp and contrasty enough for todays photography?

Canon FD Macro Photo Lens 2.8 / 35

The last 30 years they have developed better zooms but primes have been top notch 20 or 30 years ago. Almost all macro and micro photography lenses are primes. So I started to explore the capabilities of the Canon Micro Photo lens 35mm / 2.8. This lens has a screw mount which fits to an adaptor plate with FD bajonet.

Rhododendron Pollen Tube - 35mm Microphoto Lens with FD-EF Adaptor and 25mm FD extension tube (Foto © by Michael Bockhorst)